My name is Saahil, and I’m a BSc Accounting and Finance student at the London School of Economics: one with a drive towards mastering the art of investing and financial independence.


I’m always looking to learn concepts and habits that facilitate financial benefits down the road: i.e. I perpetually seek The Dividend Payout of good practices. This blog is my platform to share investing habits and incentivize you into implementing them, so that you can begin passively growing your money over time.


Understanding the economics of investing is widely regarded as the impetus towards building wealth when you're young. The most successful players in the stock market - billionaire or otherwise - began investing as teenagers, which is why this blog aims to target those at the younger end of the curve and convince you that money should be used in the financial markets instead of value-depreciating products and services.


Hopefully, with each additional article, you will learn how and why investing is the most valuable path to utilize for your financial future. I’ve been investing since I was 16 and it has provided skills and learning opportunities that far outweigh the value brought in classrooms and lectures. It’s the first insight into the real world of economics and financial markets, and the most effective method through which we can begin earning income from home.


I hope we can help each other take the next steps towards financial independence, and mutually pervade the benefits intelligent investing!

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