• Saahil Menon

3 Must-Have Podcast Subscriptions for Investors

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Investing podcasts are a game-changer —

Bits of information that you can easily digest whilst you’re driving, doing chores, or taking a break from university/work.

They also come in ranges of length, understandability, and content: which is why the combination of the three below will give you the best mix of podcast styles out there.

If that sounds interesting, let’s get straight into it. Here are some of the best investing podcasts in the game, with all their Spotify handles attached ⬇️

Thoughts on the Market.

Average length: 4 minutes.

Understandability: Easy!

Hosted by: Morgan Stanley

“Thoughts on the Market” is a relatively new find for me - and one that’s been particularly useful when it comes to wanting a quick summary of what’s going on before the stock market has actually opened.

The unique selling point? It’s length.

Knowing the most important things going on in the market within the time it takes to heat up your lunch is incredibly valuable for those of you who don’t wish to spend over an hour listening to a bunch of investing jargon —

It’s short, simple, and concise: a staple for investors of all kind.

BONUS: One of the hosts is a bloke named Mike Wilson, i.e. the head of Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management business. People have started to really listen to him every time he speaks because he correctly predicted and prepared for the COVID market crash last year AND rightly predicted the rapid market recovery as well.

In other words...

The guy knows what he’s doing - the least we could do is dedicate 4 minutes a day to hear what he’s got to say.

Masters in Business.

Average length: 60+ minutes.

Understandability: Medium.

Hosted by: Bloomberg & Barry Ritholtz

Masters in Business is a win-win.

It's not only a great way of delving into the minds of investing superstars out there, but also a platform for incredible career advice directed at people our age.

In other words, Ritholtz brings in people who work in investment banking, private banking, asset management, investing, and entrepreneurship at all the top firms in the world to talk about how they got there, their biggest advice to 20-year-old’s listening, their best book recommendations, the mistakes they made and more.

It's essentially a summary of their rise to prominence in the finance world along with deep, thoughtful conversations regarding markets, investing strategies, and the world going forward.

A great resource for anyone looking to pursue work in the financial sector after university.

We Study Billionaires.

Average length: 60 minutes.

Understandability: Easy-to-Medium (mostly quite easy to digest!)

Hosted by: Stig Brødersen and Trey Lockerbie.

The absolute GOAT.

This podcast was introduced to me by an investment banker at Lazard and is a must must must-have for those of you who aim to take investing seriously.


  • Guestlist: they bring on great people who are both famous and non-famous, all of whom have incredible insights that can be digested fairly easily.

  • Jargony, but not too jargony: I.e. there’s a lot of technical stuff that gets thrown around, but if you’ve been investing for a while and/or you're an economics student, you’ll easily be able to navigate all the vocab.

  • Recommendations: each episode points you in the direction of incredible books, articles, or people that you can continue following (mostly on Twitter) indefinitely ahead - I.e. there’s always a lot more value past solely the episode!

In other words, it’s the perfect combination between technical investing content and an understandable, enjoyable conversation that almost everyone can learn a thing or two from.

So...who would suit which?

The best part about these podcasts is that you don't need to stick to one —

Everyone can take bits from each and listen to either based on how much time they have on a given day.

If you want a really quick run-down of the current market sentiment, Thoughts on the Market is ideal.

If it's the weekend and you're pondering about your career or you'd like to get some motivation from the best in the game — Masters in Business is your go-to.

Or, if you're in the mood to improve your investing strategy and looking for some advice on how you can optimize your profits going forward, We Study Billionaires will give you the insights that guide the world's most wealthy investors to date.

I learn from all three over the course of each week — after checking them out, I hope you will too ✅


Some bonus pods that didn't really fit the theme of today's article but I can't not recommend either. Bangers.

I'll see you next week for some thoughts on tech stocks and when they're likely to return to their record levels. Until then, take care and keep safe 👋


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