• Saahil Menon

3 Must-Have Subscriptions for Investors

Investing is a game of information.

Even though we don't have access to the troves of research that the big banks do, we can efficiently use the information that we do have available to us.

That means maximizing on the free resources out there and digesting them in as little time as possible.

Exactly what we're looking to help with today. Let's get started:

"5 Things to Start Your Day"

Type of subscription: Newsletter

Easy to use? Very much so – especially if you don’t enjoy reading much.

Paid/Free: Free

Bloomberg’s “5 Things to Start Your Day” is one of the most useful resources out there when it comes to starting to invest, because it solves the biggest beginner problem.


With tranches of information, opinions, and data being thrown at us on a daily basis, it’s extremely difficult to navigate what’s relevant versus what’s not. This resource filters it all and brings you only the five most important things you should know on a given day.

Take a look at an example below:

👉 Notice that there are also small explanations with each of the 5 key things they point out. These break down the issue at hand: showing you what the update is, why it’s important, and what you can do about it, all in a matter of a few sentences.

If short reading seems more suited to you, these free newsletters are available below (Europe version & Americas)!



"10 Things You Should Know Before The Market Opens"

Type of subscription: Newsletter

Easy to use? Yes, but more for people who are looking for extra detail.

Paid/Free: Free

Think of Business Insider’s “10 Things You Should Know” as a more intense version of the previous Bloomberg recommendation. In other words, it not only gives you more points to consider but also provides much more detailed explanations of the issues at hand.

👉 This is also particularly important if you’re looking for social proof when you read the news: i.e. if you’re looking for the commentary of famous investors/money managers and not just good journalists. The articles you click on almost always have snippets from successful people in the field: bringing you information that even your favorite investors also agree with.

Where to sign up:


"Morning Brew"

Type of subscription: Newsletter

Easy to use? Yes!

Paid/Free: Free

The purpose of this subscription essentially goes with the name: it’s something you can easily finish while you have your “Morning Brew” of coffee.

It’s slightly more detailed relative to Bloomberg’s “5 Things” yet still readable in around 5-10 minutes: the perfect combination if you feel like you know how the markets work and you’re ready to take your information game to the next level.

Take a look below:

👉If you pause the video above and have a quick skim through some of the content, you’ll also notice that Morning Brew is written in mostly time-friendly and enjoyable language. They call this “witty” writing: in other words, bringing a slight sense of humor and entertainment to the usually boring task of reading the news.

This is a personal favorite out of the three, with the free link to register below:



Overall, you'll notice that these resources have two key qualities to them:

A) They're all free, and

B) They all vary in level of readability.

So...how do you know which one to use? I use all three of them, but it's best to put it this way:

If you're in your first few weeks of investing and want a grip of what's happening in the investing world: "5 things to start your day" is the way to go.

If you're a little more experienced and if you're specifically looking to follow certain investors' thoughts: "10 things to know before the market opens" works well!

If you're looking for writing that's more enjoyable to read and also want detailed market news on the daily: "Morning Brew" is the top choice here.

Ready to get started? Try them out - I'll catch you in the next article.