• Saahil Menon

Dislike Waiting To Earn Money? Here are the 5 Best Ways To Make You $100 Weekly Starting TODAY

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

As you continue reading the content of this blog, you’ll realize a recurring theme: saving, investing, and independence. We all want to make money at some stage, but we’re collateralized into believing that money only starts coming in after getting a job. Sure, maybe a summer internship also brings you some cash here and there, but most people only tend to start thinking of an income after a certain age: it’s always “after this” or “when I finish this” or “as soon as that happens”. The truth is you could be making money all year round now, and sometimes it doesn’t even take a significant portion of your time: just your skills, your drive, and your undeniable effort.

If you’re ready to commit to this, here are the 5 best ways to gain yourself $100 starting TODAY.

1. Complete projects as a freelancer:

This one is new to me, as I just recently starting working as a freelancer several weeks ago. I can say without a doubt that it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase your skills, and it’s an even better opportunity to earn a decent income on the side.

For example, I was able to earn $120 two weeks ago for doing a short business report on the pharmaceutical markets within Tanzania. As an avid reader of scholarly articles and business blogs, the project was a correlated fit for my skills and interests, which is why the task seldom felt like a burden. I completed rigorous research and got the report done within a few days, and there it came. A hundred bucks.

A hundred bucks for a task I thoroughly enjoyed and was already used to doing. Could you earn the same? Absolutely.

The freelancing industry is rapidly growing year on year: a movement most probably attributed to people's increasing desire towards earning a significant second stream of income.

The data below shows you just how much professional freelancers can earn per year, all from the comfort of their home. Undoubtedly, you aren't a professional freelancer yet, but consider the potential that's available if you accurately picked a niche that you enjoy and can excel at working for.

Most of you reading this are in an especially advantageous position because the current freelance market is largely equipped for the skills and talents of young workers, as shown below:

The data here suggests that a myriad of the projects available on freelancing platforms are aiming at hiring young and ambitious students, which puts you right at the front of the line to grab the $100 each week.

Use www.freelancer.com as a platform to leverage your skill set and start earning money after each project’s completion. There’s a multitude of different skills to implement, from copywriting to financial advice to marketing to article writing and thousands more: each one being a unique opportunity to provide value and gain income.

Pro Tip: Although there's incredible potential to earn several hundred bucks quickly, you need to ensure that you've got a good brand placed on yourself first, in order to gain projects. This means using your work experience, external courses and previous projects in similar fields to promote yourself and ensure that people can see the value you bring.

If you feel like you're lacking skill in any of these areas, you can easily fix it. Get a week-long internship. Write a stimulating research paper. Do an external course. Make sure to always consider what the other side wants by having evidence of the required project skills, as people want to be certain that you're going to complete the task to a high standard.

It doesn't take too much time: work smart, not just hard, and you'll get that $100 with ease.

2. Write Consumer Reviews

Calling all master procrastinators! Your mission here, should you choose to accept it, would comprise of literally getting paid for the very thing you dreaded during all your academic years.

Through the advent of the internet, your periodical lack of focus can actually get you paid up to $60 within 20-30 minutes. Most of the procrastinating process generally consists of bouncing from website to website, which is why you can supremely benefit here as UserTesting pays consumers to review and test websites on a daily basis.

All you'd have to do is create a PayPal account and register on UT's website at this link: https://www.usertesting.com/be-a-user-tester.

As soon as you complete these minute steps, you'll be asked to download a software and then do a sample review. Make sure you follow their instructions and smash the sample, which'll let you start earning easy bucks within no time! Over a hundred bucks for 40-60 minutes of website testing? Count me in.

3. Stock/Commodity/Forex Trading

Trading is a form of income I’ll certainly incentivize far more than anything else in this article. It’s the income stream I’ve put the most effort in and it’s one that, I believe, can be learnt easily with a little bit of effort. All it takes is your ability to digest information, analyze and execute, and it could immediately become a new income stream that you can enforce from the comfort of your home.

I’ve been able to gain a significant amount of money through part time trading as a teenager, and it’s undoubtedly worth it. Leveraging several hours of due diligence and then intelligently investing allowed me to make money while I was studying, playing sport, partying or going out to the movies: it was purely passive income throughout my last 2 years of school.

If you’re unsure on how to start trading, implement strategies or pick stocks, fear not! I’ll be making a short course on how to start trading for teenagers with less than $1000 soon; it'll include the best tricks that I’ve picked up along with effective methods of analyzing profitable companies. Additionally, it’ll contain screenshots of my own trades and give you a comprehensive guide as to how I decided to pick that particular stock - an ideal checklist to keep in your mind - so that you can ensure you’re making the right decision with each trade.

For now, I’d recommend that you use a virtual investing platform first to gain a pervasive sense of how the markets work along with an idea of how to open and close trading positions.

4. Taking Surveys

Completing surveys to earn income might not be the most glamorous of ways to spend a Friday afternoon, but it’s certainly a solid platform to use if you’re looking to make some extra cash. Some surveys can pay up to $5 for each one completed, meaning that submitting 20 per week would bag you the $100 almost immediately. It's another simple yet significant stream of income that can be generated from the comfort of your home: it could be done in a few minutes whilst the morning coffee brews, half an hour during your lunch break, or 15 minutes before bedtime… why not? Compounded over time, completing several surveys each week along with implementing some of the other mediums of earning in this article will consistently start to gain you the $100 each week.

The paid surveys are generally not too tedious, so it certainly won't be as boring as you think. To start earning, you can use www.surveyeah.com for a wide array of survey choices, or www.triaba.com for local, UAE-based survey providers. Either one would be an affirmative step towards earning a side income that could strongly contribute towards paying off small bills or setting up your funds to start investing and generating passive income.

5. Do the grunt work for your parents

Source 1: (Fix24Wellness, 2019)

If your parents' jobs attain the misfortune of augmented bureaucracy, you could certainly leverage this to gain a short-term side income. Cut out their mail, reply to their emails, do some due diligence for the new market they’re looking to penetrate. You could charge an hourly fee or a per-unit cost, both of which would allow you to start building a small income from the ground up.

Undoubtedly, you might not be given the most interesting of tasks initially, but if you show your competence early on you'll promptly be "promoted" to more fulfilling endeavors: likely causing your wages to proportionately grow as well.

Moreover, if you manage to get some reports done for your parents' businesses, this will greatly benefit you in the freelancing realm as well because you'd have evidence of high-quality research and analysis: something that a lot of current freelancers forget to offer. Therefore, you can take advantage of this marketing gap and use your work to promote yourself more effectively, once more placing yourself on the best route towards providing value and gaining income.

This is critical: value and income attain a proportionate relationship; the more value you provide, the more income you derive. Remember that!

Overall Sentiment:

I hope this article has enlightened you to the fact that income doesn't necessarily have to flow in only AFTER graduation: with your effort, income could be flying in from all directions starting today itself.

I would advise that you try out all five platforms that I've mentioned, and then later maximize on one of them instead of incrementally doing all. Grow your skill set in one particular area and then strongly leverage it to make you money each week. This will enable you to start effectively building your brand and earning your money today, not five years from now. The perpetually admired Napoleon Hill credits "Specialized Knowledge" as one of the first five steps to riches in his bestseller "Think and Grow Rich", so if he says mastering one skill provides the most value and grows wealth, do it!

Every single one of you has the ability to start earning today: if you know how to type and have the ability to think, then you're just as capable of earning your bucks today as anybody else.

One of my favorite phrases is that money "only magnifies who you already are", so if you aren't an innately ambitious worker now, you won't be even when you have more money later on. So start the process of working smart, being independent, and adding value today, and money will follow you indefinitely.

That's the path I'm working towards, and I hope after this read, it's one you'll start striving for too!